Terms and Conditions

With reference to the website InsureWhizz.com, the following terms and conditions have been referred. They will be administering the access to your website and usage associated with the same. You will also get encompassed to the whole website along with any other content associated with the same.
Terms and Conditions to be Followed Strictly
Even the terms and conditions are not limited to videos, emails and any RSS feeds. You must agree strictly to these terms and conditions until and unless you discontinue using the website. They are:
Content – The contributions including blogs published on InsureWhizz.com are original. They are strictly protected under copyrights as well as other proprietary rights. All are the intellectual properties of the website. InsureWhizz.com claims no credit for either of the posted images or videos on the website unless notified.
Accuracy – No doubt that InsureWhizz.com is fully an entertainment based website. Due to which it provides general and commentary information regarding sports, business, luxury, extremities and more. A wide variety of images and videos are also offered. The website does not provide any warranty regarding the reliability and correctness of the content. It simply excludes the liability of such lapse of inaccurate and erroneous information. While using, it is better to acknowledge that the information and material may contain errors.
RSS Feeds – The access to RSS feeds may be provided to the users. The visitor as well as users can simply subscribe to the RSS feed. Modifying, removing of advertisements along with including promotional phrases are not at all allowed. InsureWhizz.com may hold exclusive right to terminate the subscription without providing any prior notification. It also may stop a particular user from subscribing to the RSS feed.
Print – You can reproduce the screenshot of the site in printable format. But it is only possible if and only if the URL, site name cum Logo is included in it. They must be clearly visible as well. The images present on the website cannot be used for printing. No reproduction shall be permitted to promote or encourage pornography, hate, racism or any other type of illegal activities under any circumstances.
Intellectual Property – It must be noted that the site name, logo, service marks, trade names and trademarks collectively known as “marks” belong to InsureWhizz solely. None of the user and visitor is permitted to use any of them. The ownership of the “marks” remains exclusively private.
Content Use – The original content of the website can be used for non-commercial reproduction. As mandatory credit to the website of InsureWhizz, it has been declared mandatory to the logo and link to it. Even quotes, extracts and screenshots can be easily reproduced with mandatory credit. If it is non-commercial reproduction, it will not be responsible for endorsing. The rights granted may not include fair dealing. Even you can in no way republish images from the respective site except screenshots.
Copying, broadcast, publication, modification, rewriting for broadcast, redistribution, use or publication in any medium in any form unless granted is strictly prohibited.
Terms – InsureWhizz shall not be responsible for the usage of contents, feeds and information. Usage of the site at own discretion is prevented. It is in no way connected to any celebrity, brand and any other personality mentioned on its website. Information pertaining to net worth associated with celebrity, item, brand may not be fully accurate. Content in no way be considered to be factual. InsureWhizz will not be responsible for any sort of discrepancy or inadvertent error. Not a single image used on InsureWhizz comes under copyright. In case of misuse an e-mail must be aired to the admin at insurance.whizz@gmail.com
Web Scraping and Harvesting – Scraping, harvesting, data mining, extraction and any other unsolicited application on the content of the website is strictly forbidden. Also any of the visitors is not allowed to mirror any of the materials on the website.
Privacy and Confidentiality – The undertaking regarding not to reveal any information has been taken by the website. It cannot be easily used by any stranger for personal purposes. In case of disclosing the confidential information by any user, InsureWhizz will not at all be responsible. In some special cases which may include criminal investigation, InsureWhizz will work strictly with authorized law enforcement agencies.
Inappropriate Comment – If you have been attacked verbally by any comment, you can directly request for its deletion as well as modification. In case there occurs violation of the terms site regarding utilization, the removal of the comment may be demanded. You will easily prompted reply back within 48 to 72 hours from the time of making the request. In case of disagreement with the user, the same does not constitute reason for deletion or modification.
Though the website is in no way responsible for the content regarding any comment, chances exist regarding the checking of the content posted by users. In relation to the deletion or modification of the comments allegedly violating the policies of InsureWhizz, complaint must be aired to InsureWhizzofficial@gmail.com.
Intellectual Property Rights – The right to intellectual property is always respected. The policy regarding removal of user submission in case of violation of the copyright law, Pursuant to Title 17 of the United States Code, Section 512 is mugged. InsureWhizz strictly follows the policy of receiving clearly written notification regarding copyright infringement. After the receiving of such notification, InsureWhizz will be at its wits ends in the processing of the claim as per law. If any such inadvertent content comes to the sight of any user, he may report the same in written form to the email ID mentioned below:
Email: insurance.whizz@gmail.com
The written notice must contain physical or electronic signature, identify copyrighted material allegedly reproduced without explicit consent, specific identification to catch hold of the culprit, provide requisite information for the purpose of contacting, statement clearly explaining the reason for the material be felt to be produced without acknowledgement, containing indicative as well as authenticate statement into the written notice and finally containing statement under penalty of perjury to act on behalf of the owner.
In case you are the owner or authorized representative of any copyrighted material and feel that your trademark is being used by InsureWhizz in a way amounting to trademark infringement, the complaint can be lodged at insurance.whizz@gmail.com.The exact nature of infringement along with accurate identity must be provided.
Comments – InsureWhizz allows users to leave comment on the website. While posting comments the user needs to be abiding by all the specific rules. Some of the important guidelines to be followed include:
Users or visitors may post comments that are in no way racist, hateful, illegal, obscene, threatening or menacing, libelous or in any other way offensive and violates the terms of use herein. The comment must not invade anyone’s privacy or violate anyone’s intellectual right over any material.
You shall be fully responsible for your own comment. InsureWhizz does not control the users from dropping of comments.
Accuracy and authenticity of the information is not guaranteed.
Users and visitors must agree to communicate accurate, refined authentic and lawful information in the form of comment.
The comments posted must be explicit and argumentative. Baseless and libelous allegations must be avoided.
Faking of the identity while posting of comments is not allowed! Misleading in any form regarding comment and its source is also prohibited.
The contributions provided by the user must be appropriate and relevant. It must be as per the subject.
It is to be noted that the comments and reviews being posted on InsureWhizz reflect the personal opinion of the commenter. It will not at all be responsible for any user displaying the personal information on the site.
It is mandatory to provide helpful and polite comments. Personal attack on any commenter must not be done. In case of posting of an insulting, derogatory or racist comment, stringent measures must be taken against that poster. The website may modify or delete any comment.
The website at its sole discretion at any point of time may remove any comment without any prior notification.
The comments posted are the properties of site and all sorts of correspondence can be considered to be ready for publication. Email ids mentioned will in no way be shared by any third party. Whenever you are posting any comment or article, always agree to get the same edited, removed and altered by the site.
Miscellaneous – The terms of usage on the website including other documents finally conclude with detailed agreement between the website and users. In case of failure regarding enforcement of implementation of any of the provisions, it will not be understood by any waiver. They will be governed by the laws of the state particularly they belong to and by the laws of India.
The respective parties hereby agree solely and confirm to be accountable to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of India. They also ensure that the terms have been framed in English and come to a full stop there itself. Get ready and enjoy the comment forum!

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